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Why buy wooden toys instead of plastic toys for your child?

The Joy of Wooden Educational Toys

Raising a child safely and properly requires a very responsible parent. Parents want the best for their precious baby. Wooden toys offer safety and also help a child grow up peacefully, without blaring noises or extreme blinking lights. Think about the very first toy you placed in the hand of your child. It was probably a plastic rattle. That's what most parents buy, so you're not alone. Today there are wooden rattles and other wooden toys that are painted with non-toxic water color paints and are harmless to a little one.

Now, parents can purchase Wooden Educational toys with brightly coloured numbers that will help a youngster learn to count. The ABC's are wooden and in puzzle form making wonderful educational toys for children. There are toys that teach a child to tell time once they put the clock puzzle together, which is so much fun. The funny thing is that a child doesn't need noisy, boisterous, fast moving toys to enjoy their play - quiet moments in thought teach them to enjoy learning exactly the way a parent may have done as a child.

Take a Time-Out From TV

Television can teach a child a lot, but there are hours in a day when it is a good idea to take a "time out" - to get out the children's educational toys and have some real enjoyment. Wooden educational toys can solve noisy problems for you. Get them out and see for yourself!

Who could pass up a wonderful wooden Noah's Ark or a beautifully crafted Wooden Dolls House, or the Camelot Wooden Castle? For your small babies, a stacking ring game is one of the children's wooden toys that was so highly prized, there is also Ethan's Wonder Walker.

Parents will most likely pay a little more when they buy wooden toys, but when they see how much their child loves them and how well they are learning, they'll be happy they purchased them and will probably love sitting on the floor playing with them too. There are many different types of toys to choose from in every age group and price. There are camping sets, dressing up sets, wooden ride on toys and wooden pirate ships that will delight children of any age.

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